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OneBot is an ITSM chatbot that bridges the gap between your IT Help Desk and employees. Whenever they have a problem, OneBot is always around to help.

Assistance for employees, where they need it, when they need it.

Where they need it

Using the Teams Messenger UI, OneBot allows employee to have “a conversation” with your knowledge, ITSM software and if needed, your help desk, with minimal distraction from their daily tasks. 

When they need it

Waiting for problems to be addressed is the enemy of productivity. OneBot is your “always on, always ready” helper that will save days of wasted time by helping employees self serve commons IT requests.

What are ITSM chatbots and how do they work?

ITSM chatbots empower employees to independently address their queries, reducing distractions for your team. They achieve this by seamlessly integrating with your current systems, efficiently retrieving and delivering data based on the end user’s intent.
Access to Data
Self Service

Minimal distraction,
 maximum satisfaction.

See how a Microsoft Teams chatbot can aid organisation-wide productivity gains.
Better Self-Service

Automate to elevate.​​

Together with AI, OneBot can identify end-user intent and process the request appropriately, whether that be searching your knowledge base or logging a ticket.
Better Access to Data

Empower through self-service.

Give OneBot the autonomy to manage IT service requests, secure approvals, and update software access in seconds, reducing employee downtime and amplifying productivity.
Better Communications

Action without the effort.​

OneBot can effortlessly send and verify messages from third-party systems directly into Microsoft Teams; removing bottlenecks…no more emails!

Exceed your time to value expectations.​

Our aim is to harness the combined power of knowledge retrieval and workflow automation. With OneBot, you can build complex workflows like 'Replace Laptop' in just 10 minutes. The more workflows you create, the less manual work your IT desk needs to handle.
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Kevin Baker
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No matter where your knowledge lives, OneBot can plug in, wise up and get ready to help.​


OneBot integrates with 100s of technologies, messaging platforms and all the major IT service desks.


We’ve made it easy to build workflows, so OneBot can do more of the repetitive tasks that waste your time.