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IT never looked so sexy until OneBot came along.
OneBot for HR
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The Simplest ITSM Chatbot: Moving From Stealth Mode to General Availability.

Say goodbye to mediocre chatbot experiences! OneBot Intelligent ITSM Chatbot delivers real-time help with accurate answers every time.

As the CEO of an ITSM company, I’m always looking for ways to help my customers improve their employee support and productivity. That’s why I’m excited to announce the launch of OneBot, a conversational AI assistant that automates employee support and fuels company-wide productivity.

As you might expect from our Sollertis background, we’ve developed OneBot with Service Desks in mind. Our goal is to create more headspace for IT, HR, and Facilities teams while delivering real-time help for busy employees.

Everyday efficiency with conversational AI

Not all chatbot experiences are created equal… Perhaps you have experienced a customer service chat where your question wasn’t really answered, or perhaps you were given a multiple choice answer. Maybe the whole process was unsuccessful and you were given the chance to speak with a human, only to have to start again!

These aren’t chatbot problems per se, they’re installation problems. Your conversational AI chatbot needs a good knowledge base to work from, a thorough understanding of your business vernacular, and plenty of workflows so that the bot isn’t a glorified search tool.

Workflows are huge for OneBot. Every time an employee uses OneBot, we aim to resolve their query right there, in the conversation. Tasks like ordering a new phone, replacing a screen, and requesting software, are all processes that can be automated in situ so that employees can go about their day with maximum efficiency.

Keep it simple

From having spent so much time in the trenches, we know that software adoption lives or dies on how easy and appealing it is to use. So while designing our UI, we coined a mantra:

“Don’t make me think” 

We’ve designed OneBot to be as simple as humanly possible for IT professionals to set up. Automations and workflows can be created in minutes, with no coding required. This means that IT teams can get started with OneBot quickly and easily, and start seeing the benefits right away. Here are just a few of the ways that OneBot can help your company supercharge employee productivity:

Reduced ticket volume

OneBot can resolve many common employee issues without the need for human intervention. This frees up IT teams to focus on more complex tasks and strategic initiatives.

Improved employee satisfaction

OneBot provides employees with a fast and easy way to get the help they need. This leads to improved employee satisfaction and morale.

Increased productivity

When employees have the resources they need at their fingertips, they can be more productive. OneBot can help employees save time and get back to work quickly.

OneBot in the wild

While in stealth mode, we tested OneBot with some of our existing Sollertis customers. Here are some examples of how these organisations have been increasing productivity:

1. Streamlined software requests

A leading global tech giant has harnessed the capabilities of OneBot to revolutionise the way they order and deploy new hardware and software for their employees. The result? An automation breakthrough that liberates their IT teams to focus on high-value, strategic initiatives. Are you an IT professional seeking optimisation? Dive into the world of OneBot for IT.

2. Proactive communication

By integrating OneBot with their existing ITSM platform, a savvy organisation has not only cut down on expenses but also enhanced their outreach capabilities. No longer reliant on costly SMS tools for notifications, they now leverage OneBot to deliver rich content cards that keep users informed and engaged with actionable insights.  

3. Unprecedented versatility


OneBot’s ability to integrate with external tools via our Rest API has been a game-changer for a customer with non-standard, in-house developed tools. This adaptability has turned OneBot into a versatile, one-stop platform capable of seamlessly connecting with a wide range of systems.

OneBot’s journey from stealth mode to active deployment has been marked by resounding success stories, and we’re excited to continue pushing the boundaries of workplace productivity. Stay tuned for more real-world insights and transformative applications of OneBot in the coming weeks. Your journey to optimisation starts here.

Request a OneBot demo

I’m confident that OneBot can help your company achieve the same results as these beta clients have seen. Join us on our mission to supercharge employee productivity with helpful AI. Go ahead and ask us for a demo

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