OneBot for IT
IT never looked so sexy until OneBot came along.
OneBot for HR
Queries in HR can be a hassle; but not for long…OneBot is here!
OneBot for Facilities
Surface Facilities to the rest of the business like never before.
Our Mission

Supercharge employee productivity with helpful AI.

OneBot is a conversational AI assistant developed by IT service desk experts. We’ve been in the trenches and know exactly how IT operates in large SMEs. There is no-one better than OneBot when it comes to understanding IT software adoption.

Our Belief

Efficiency made simple

We believe that easy to use software leads 
to more powerful outcomes.

As IT professionals, we’ve seen first hand that 
when a new software is difficult to use, there is
 a high chance implementation will be slow and adoption will be limited, especially if other departments have a hard time getting to grips 
with it.

We’ve focused on simplicity to make sure that adoption is fast with a rapid time to value.

Our Creators


Sollertis is the company behind OneBot. We are a software developer and professional service provider building solutions which power digital transformation, IT-Business convergence and Business Relationship Management.

We have particular expertise with Cherwell Service Management®, the award-winning business technology and IT service management (ITSM) platform.

Our experience extends to over 500 ITSM, BRM and CRM customer implementations worldwide.

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Our Name

You only need one bot!

In a world faced with SaaS company overload, dashboards for this and logins for that, OneBot 
is a single solution that helps employees interface with multiple systems and softwares through just one interface.

OneBot makes friends with other bots from software like Salesforce and Cherwell so your company can have one simple, branded bot interface, no matter what the query.

Our values

Here are the standards we hold ourselves accountable to. If you’re friendly, human, and a problem solver, who likes keeping it simple and collaborating with others, we’d love to hear from you!


From working with many service desks, we understand that SaaS products only work if they are simple to use.

We work hard to ensure that OneBot adoption is straightforward, our instructions are clear and that we’re user friendly to do business with.

The human touch.

As AI enters our lives, we want to ensure that people feel valued and listened to.

Whether it’s a new person joining the team or personal difficulties, we make sure
 that we’re empathetic to people’s needs, whatever their situation.


We help businesses use the least amount of collective brain power to solve any issue while always looking to leave a situation better than we found it.

We hold ourselves accountable for how well we solve problems.


As professionals, we all know that we’re more effective when we work together.

We work closely with our partners to ensure that OneBot is effective at solving the most pressing issues for IT, HR and Facilities.

For our customers, we ensure that OneBot integrates with all the tools and platforms needed to provide a smooth user experience.


Meet our

Leadership Team.

OneBot has been developed by the team at Sollertis.
 We are intimate with all leading service desk solutions 
and world-renowned for our Cherwell expertise.

Kevin Baker


Andy Johnson

Partner Manager