OneBot for IT
IT never looked so sexy until OneBot came along.
OneBot for HR
Queries in HR can be a hassle; but not for long…OneBot is here!
OneBot for Facilities
Surface Facilities to the rest of the business like never before.

Partner with OneBot

As an organisation, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with other third parties and learn what makes a good or bad vendor.

Our experiences have helped shape our partner program, which is all about building open, transparent, and mutually beneficial relationships.

Designers working on a project together in an office

OneBot Partnership Advantage

Income Opportunities

Unlock new revenue streams through referrals, reselling prospects and expanding your business horizons.

Access to Partner Assets​

Tap into exclusive partner resource  including sales and promotional content to fuel your success.

Dedicated Support​

Benefit from our close collboration and support; covering technical guidance through to sales and marketing.

Collaborative Marketing​

Participate in joint marketing and promotional initiatives strengthening our shared market presence.

Our Values

We’re excited to work with partners who share our values, and we’re always looking for ways to create positive outcomes for everyone involved.


From developing code to working with people, everything we do should be simplified and easy. 

We don’t employ various sales methodologies to guide us along the way; we use common sense and empathy and keep things simple!

The human touch.

Our product aims to provide a human touch in a world where most interactions are with automated systems. At OneBot, we believe in delivering a personal touch to every engagement.

We take our work seriously, but we also like having fun and spreading joy. You can expect us to meet your expectations while also adding an element of fun to the engagement.


Life just isn’t as straightforward as everyone would like it to be. There is always a problem to solve, and that’s what we’re here for. 

We’ve been there and got the T-shirt. Our experience and desire make all our customers and partners successful and truly separate us from the rest.


Life just isn’t as straight forward as everyone would like it be. Their is always a problem to solve and thats what we’re here for. 

We’ve been there and got the t-shirt. Our experience and desire make all our customers and partners successful, truely seperates us from the rest.

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